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Alemlube Gear & Engine Oil Pump w/Reike Adaptor

Alemlube Gear & Engine Oil Pump w/Reike Adaptor

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20L Gear & Engine Oil Pump w/ Reike Adaptor

  • Now complete with reike 20L bung adaptor & downtube extension to suit plastic oil drums
  • Capable of delivering up to 110ml per stroke (was 70ml)
  • High quality components and the smooth pump action make it the ideal pump for the transfer of engine gear, diff and hydraulic oils in busy vehicle servicing workshops
  • Drainback nozzle holster to ensure that excess oil ends up back in the drum and not on your workshop floor
  • Now incorporates a filter in the drain back holster to protect against foreign particle contamination
  • UV stabilised long life hose ensures a long service life
  • Easy to operate pump action delivers lubricant on the down stroke
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