Capricorn Soap - Goat Milk Bar Soap (5 Bar Box)

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Capricorn Soap is made with all natural ingredients  - NO chemicals. 

A gentle bubbly soap made with a blend of Goat milk, Australian Olive Oil, Sunflower and Mustard Seed Oil plus ethically sourced Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Castor Oil.  Leaves your skin feeling clean and soft.

By letting the bubbles sit on your skin, you will absorb the goodness from these skin loving natural ingredients and essential oils.

And a simple fragrance of lemon myrtle and tea tree essential oils which are also skin loving and cleaning.

A beauty bar that can be used by everyone.

ask for your FREE Soap Holder, Beesie Lip Balm or Charcoal Face Soap when you purchase your 5 bar box.


note :  not suitable for washing dogs

other items used in displaying the soap are only for display purposes only.


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