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CVT Ultra-Syn Low Viscosity

CVT Ultra-Syn Low Viscosity

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Product Description: 
Atlantic CVT Ultra Syn Low Viscosity is a full synthetic transmission fluid designed to service a multitude of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT). Its low viscosity formulation suits many late model vehicles with second and third generation CVT automatic transmissions. Atlantic CVT Ultra Syn Low Viscosity has been manufactured using full synthetic base stocks and performance additives designed to provide optimal metal friction performance with excellent anti-shudder durability. Atlantic CVT Ultra Syn Low Viscosity is suitable for use in late vehicles makes such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota vehicles. Atlantic CVT Ultra Syn Low Viscosity is not recommended for use in hybrid CVT units (Toyota and Ford).

Features and Benefits:

•    Superior anti-shudder performance
•    Smoother shifting
•    Outstanding oxidation performance and thermal stability
•    Increased wear protection
•    Excellent low temperature fluidity
•    Maximises fuel efficiency
•    Suitable for chain and belt type transmissions

Always refer to the Atlantic Lube Guide for the correct product applications. 



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