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Flannel 10kg Bag of Rag

Flannel 10kg Bag of Rag

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Popular for cleaning and polishing. Soft and lint-free. Preferred by smash repairers. Used
in panel beating, painting, fibreglass, and other engineering industries. Holds polishing wax well, excellent for detailing, polishing, and printing applications.

Industry-leading rags for a variety of sectors, industries, and uses including everything from white cotton to coloured towel. Scanned for metal and compressed, stringent quality checks ensure the cloth is suitable for commercial purposes. Not all materials are created equal, that’s why we only source our rags from premium quality, Australian sourced used clothing that's been sorted and cut for your specific purpose. For over 60 years, we have been supplying quality material for a wide range of applications. Supplied in easy-to-carry 10kg bags, with OHS in mind.



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