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Nitro Clear 5W30 SN/CF

Nitro Clear 5W30 SN/CF

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Product Description: 
Atlantic Nitro Clear 5W-30 is an Ultra High Performance Fully Synthetic Engine Oil designed to deliver the highest level of wear protection and increased fuel economy. Nitro Clear 5W-30 is suitable for use in modern turbocharged and naturally aspirated Petrol Engines and in a wide range of Light Diesel Engines, especially those fitted with after exhaust treatments such as Diesel Particulate Filters. Nitro Clear has been engineered using Clean Earth Additive Technology designed to substantially reduce fuel consumption thereby reducing atmospheric hydrocarbon pollution.  

Features and Benefits:

•    Lighter viscosity ensures maximum oil flow rates lubricating critical engines parts during cold start-up.
•    Fully Synthetic base stocks provide increased film strength and hydrodynamic lubrication between metal surfaces.
•    Advanced additive technology reduces friction, decreases fuel consumption and extends operating life of engine parts.
•    Offers advanced protection of Diesel Particulate Filters and Catalytic Convertors.

Always refer to the Atlantic Lube Guide for the correct product application.



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