Ultra Plus Semi Syn 2 Stroke

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Product Description: 
Atlantic Ultra Plus Semi is a high performance, semi synthetic, low smoke, low ash two stroke engine oil made from the latest synthetic additives and premium base oils. Atlantic Ultra Plus Semi meets the requirements of JASO FD & ISO EG-D requirements. Atlantic Ultra Plus Semi is suitable for use in a multitude of two stroke engines including motorcycles, mopeds and scooters that use either a premix or oil injection system. It is suitable for use in two stroke chainsaws, brush cutters, lawn mowers and other gardening equipment in domestic and industrial use. It is also suitable for stationary engines and industrial power units.  

Features and Benefits: 
•    Low ash, low smoke formulation
•    Extends engine life
•    Good anti-Scuff properties
•    Maximises spark plus life
•    Reduces exhaust port blockages
•    Keeps piston rings free from deposits
•    Mixes readily with petrol
•    Enhanced lubricity and detergency keeping engine clean

Always refer to the Atlantic Lube Guide for the correct product application.