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Campers 1st Choice Natural Block Dish Soap

Campers 1st Choice Natural Block Dish Soap

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Our Solid Dish Soap is an all-natural powerhouse! Its powerful, multipurpose cleaner easily dispels grease and grime.

And with zero waste packaging, you'll be able to take it anywhere - camping, travelling, or just around the house. Who could ask for more?

Each block comes with a bamboo soap holder.

Tested the block cleaning ability on an old outdoor sink - works like a dream, multiple cleaning options.


• natural organic coconut oil
• great bubbles for easy cleaning
• zero waste packaging
• hard long lasting bar
• use to clean the whole house - shave off a little and put into a spray bottle with demineralised water and clean away

• wet a sponge, rub on the soap until bubbly, clean the pots, pans and dishes - rinse well - let air dry
• perfect for the camper or wash as you go household, keep those dishes clean!


250 grams
colours may vary

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