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GEAREX 85W-140

GEAREX 85W-140

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Product Description:
Gearex 85W-140 is an extreme pressure multipurpose gear oil formulated with highly refined base stocks and a superior sulfur/ phosphorous additive pack. It provides outstanding protection to hypoid, spiral and helical gears under high shock loads like those used in differentials, transaxles, gearboxes and transfer cases.
Gearex 85W-140 can also be used in a wide range of heavy commercial, farm, earthmoving and industrial applications where a hypoid extreme pressure lubricant is required.


• Suitable for use in gearboxes, transaxles, differentials and transfer cases.
• Superior corrosion protection
• Premium shock load protection
• Thermal stability
• Excellent film strength
• Fully compatible with seals and gaskets


SAE Viscosity: 85W-140
SAE: J2360
API: GL-5/ MT-1

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