NITRO-R C2 0W-30

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Product Description
Nitro-R C2 0W-30 is an Ultra High Performance Fully Synthetic Mid S.A.P.S Engine Oil designed for the latest generation engines requiring low viscosity oils. Nitro-R C2 0W-30 is suitable for use in modern turbocharged, supercharged and naturally aspirated petrol engines and in a wide range of light diesel engines, especially those fitted with after exhaust treatments such as Diesel Particulate Filters. Nitro-R C2 0W-30 offers superior fuel economy through its low HTHS viscosity value and offers exceptional engine performance & protection across a variety of driving conditions.
  • Superior fuel economy through its low HTHS viscosity value
  • Offers advance protection of Diesel Particulate Filters and Catalytic Converters
  • Designed for the latest generation engines
  • Meets the requirements of MY 2015+ Toyota diesel engines where C2 0W-30 is specified
  • Required for Ford Endura, Focus LW, Kuga, Mondeo, Escape & Transit models where M2C950-A is specified
SAE Viscosity: 0W-30 API: SN ACEA: C2 FORD: WSS-M2C950-A STJLR.03.5007