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NITRO-R FE Ultra 0W-30

NITRO-R FE Ultra 0W-30

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Atlantic Nitro-R FE Ultra 0W-30 is a premium performance fully synthetic petrol / light diesel engine oil, designed to meet the requirements of today’s modern high output engines. It has been developed using the latest performance additives and full synthetic base stocks and provides exceptional fuel economy through its low HTHS viscosity value along with its extended drain capabilities. Designed around the demanding BMW LL-01 FE & Mercedes Benz 229.6 specifications, Nitro-R FE Ultra 0W-30 provides maximum engine protection throughout the entirety of the service interval.

Nitro-R FE Ultra 0W-30 can be used in a wide range of modern high performance turbocharged, supercharged, naturally aspirated variable timing, multi-valve fuel injected and hybrid engines that specify API: SP or ACEA: A5/B5.


• Fully Synthetic base stocks provide increased film strength and hydrodynamic lubrication between metal surfaces.
• Superior oxidation control, wear protection, cleanliness and acid neutralisation.
• Lighter viscosity ensures maximum oil flow rates lubricating critical engines parts during cold start-up.
• Superior fuel economy through its low HTHS viscosity value.
• Excellent sludge protection.
• Provides protection against Low Speed Pre Ignition (LSPI).
• OEM approved technology.
• Suitable for use in light diesel engines without DPF where ACEA: A5/B5 is required.
• Extended drain applications.


SAE Viscosity: 0W-30
BMW: Longlife-01 FE
Mercedes Benz: 229.6
Renault: RN0700
Volvo: VCC95200356

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