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Ultra One Professional 5W-40

Ultra One Professional 5W-40

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Ultra One Professional 5W-40 SN/CF is a premium performance Fully Synthetic Petrol / Light Diesel Engine Lubricant, designed to meet the requirements of todays modern engines. Incorporating the latest Fully Synthetic base oils and performance additives, Ultra One Professional is suitable for a wide range of modern high performance turbocharged, supercharged, naturally aspirated variable timing, multi-valve fuel injected petrol engines. Ultra One Professional is also suitable for use in BMW petrol vehicles where LL-01 5W-40 is required and light Diesel Engines requiring API CF and or ACEA A3/B4.


• Fully Synthetic base stocks provide increased film strength and hydrodynamic lubrication between metal surfaces.
• Superior oxidation control, wear protection, cleanliness and acid neutralisation.
• Excellent sludge protection.
• Very high viscosity index and a high resistance against shearing.
• OEM approved technology.
• Suitable for use in BMW vehicles where LL-01 5W-40 is required.
• Extended drain applications.


SAE Viscosity: 5W-40
Mercedes Benz: 229.3, 229.5
Porsche: A40
PSA: B71 2296
Renault: RN0700, RN0710
VW: 502.00, 505.00

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